Top Qualities To Look For in Shelf Support

Top Qualities To Look For in Shelf Support

When tackling a shelving project in your home or elsewhere, it’s important to choose your supporting materials wisely. This means you need to consider aspects of what you want to shelve and hang, but you also need to consider the types of brackets you’re choosing. Here are some of the top qualities to look for when choosing shelf support brackets for any project.

Type of Bracket

There are multiple distinct types of shelf support brackets on the market, and this is important to remember while shopping for the right bracket. For example, brackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as L brackets, Z brackets, J brackets, and more. You can also find specialty brackets for hanging specific materials and heavy-duty industrial shelf brackets for holding substantial amounts of weight.

Amount of Weight Supported

When choosing the right type of shelf support bracket, it’s important to consider the amount of weight you need to support. Whether you’re looking to hang a couple pounds or a couple hundred pounds will drastically change the type of support you need. Each type or style of support bracket is manufactured to hold a certain amount of weight—this weight limit will be outlined by the manufacturer or seller. Compare the bracket’s weight limit with your storage needs while looking for the right shelf support.

Number of Brackets

Finally, you should also consider the number of brackets you will need based on your shelving materials. While the type of bracket itself is crucial for any hanging project, you will likely need multiple supports when hanging longer objects. For example, based on the shelf length, projects that extend past 36 inches usually require three brackets or more for maximum support. Make sure to consult manufacturer guidelines for hanging shelves to properly determine how many brackets your project requires.

Remembering these top qualities to look for in shelf supports will help you when selecting the right brackets for your next project. For easy browsing, you can find this essential information detailed on all shelf brackets we offer here at Right on Bracket.