Where to Hang Floating Shelves Around Your Home

Where to Hang Floating Shelves Around Your Home

So you want to incorporate floating shelves into your home but don’t know where to feature them? The great thing about floating shelves is their simplicity. You can install and style them to fit your interior design, which helps them match almost any space. But with so many options, where do you start? Here are a few ideas for where to hang floating shelves around your home, starting with some common examples to inspire you.


The bathroom is one of the best spaces to utilize floating shelves. Whether you want to feature them for practical or decorative purposes, floating shelves will hold all your bathroom items. You can hang them above the toilet or next to your vanity to keep toiletries, towels, and other everyday things. Additionally, if you need some extra space for decorations, you can hang them up higher and display décor for your themed bathroom. When you use hidden floating shelf brackets to hang these shelves, you won’t see any of their hanging mechanisms and fasteners, making these ideal minimalist storage solutions.


The kitchen is one of the first places every home remodel or redesign starts with. Often, you may find yourself looking for more space. If this is the case, try adding floating shelves to increase your storage space. Floating shelves are also great if you’re aiming for an open-concept style kitchen, in which case you could utilize floating shelves instead of cabinets. You can store spices, cooking utensils, glasses, and more on your kitchen-hung floating shelves.


Utilizing floating shelves in the bedroom is a good example of how you can use these shelves decoratively. You can display many decorative objects on floating shelves, such as picture frames, awards, art, and other decorative knickknacks. Instead of simply hanging a picture on the wall, try propping it up with a floating shelf and displaying other items with it for more visual appeal.

Home Office

The home office is another great contender for hanging floating shelves. If you spend lots of time in your home office these days and notice it getting a bit cramped, floating shelves would be a great addition. You can clear away some of the clutter making your office feel cramped with the shelves because they promote vertical storage. For example, you can store books, planners, files, writing utensils, and more on them.

We hope these ideas for where to hang floating shelves around your home have inspired you with plans for your own home. These shelves are great additions to any home, especially those needing more storage space or a redesign. You can easily add your own shelves throughout your home with Right On Bracket’s floating shelf kits. You’ll have everything you need for a DIY floating shelf installation.