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4 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel in 2022

4 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel in 2022

Are you looking for ways to style your fireplace mantel this year? Maybe you’re getting ready for spring cleaning and want to envision a new decoration style after all the cleaning is over. Find inspiration from these four creative ways to decorate your fireplace mantel in 2022.

Consider Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

A symmetrical display is the traditional way to style your fireplace mantel, but have you experimented with asymmetrical designs before? Some interior designers may try to perfectly match the accessories on either side of their fireplace mantel, but you shouldn’t let symmetry constrain your own designs. Try experimenting with different sized photo frames, mirrors, pieces of artwork, and other decorations and scattering them across your mantel. Do keep in might the visual weight on each side and try to balance the decorations between them. Even if the sides aren’t perfectly symmetrical, having an even distribution of visual weight will give a pleasing appearance.

Get a Double Fireplace Mantel

If you’re running out of space on your mantel for all your accessories, you should try expanding to a double-decker fireplace mantel. You’ll need an additional layer of fireplace mantel brackets and room to install them. But having double the mantels means having double the space to experiment with your decorating style. If your fireplace has an extended hearth, you can also decorate this area when it’s not in use. Never place decorations or other items too close to the fireplace doors, or these items will pose a fire risk.

Add Seasonal Pieces

Adding seasonal decorations to your fireplace mantel is a great way to help it stay eye-catching throughout the year. Start with seasonal décor to mark spring, summer, fall, and winter during the respective seasons. From there, you can also put up decorations for certain holidays your family celebrates. You can even decorate your mantel for events like birthdays and other parties.

Incorporate Thrifted Items

The trend of incorporating vintage items and thrift store finds into your home décor doesn’t seem to be going away in 2022. Add vintage items like artwork, mirrors, and other accessories to your fireplace mantel to incorporate this interior design trend in your own space. If you’re a lover of all things classic and vintage, this trend is perfect for you and your home.

Have any of these four creative ways to decorate your fireplace mantel in 2022 given you ideas for how to decorate your own fireplace? If you need additional support for your fireplace mantel or want to install a second tier, don’t forget to check out Right On Bracket. Our selection of mantel brackets and other supports will fulfill your needs.

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