How To Maximize Kitchen Countertop Space

How To Maximize Kitchen Countertop Space

Does your kitchen feel small and cramped? Maybe you’re fighting with the small floor space, your appliances are too cramped, or you don’t have enough countertop space. Decluttering and freeing your countertop space will impact the overall feeling of space in your kitchen. Organizing your countertops will give you the feeling of a bigger kitchen and create a more appealing space. Learn these tips for how to maximize kitchen countertop space to enhance your kitchen today.

Shelving Hacks

The best way to give yourself some extra counter space is to try to clear off some of the clutter. You can move these items elsewhere with the help of hanging shelves and other accessories. Explore the different wall options to get an idea of what will work best in your kitchen.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a stylish inclusion throughout the home, but they can be especially useful in the kitchen for saving space. Open-shelving concepts are becoming extremely popular in the kitchen for style and practicality. With floating shelves, you can easily reach your materials whenever you need them, whether your hands are full or not. You don’t need to open a cabinet door first, which makes this space easy to access. You can place almost any kitchen utensils on floating shelves to save countertop space—just make sure to watch how much weight you’re applying. You’ll need heavy-duty brackets to hold more weight.

Shelf Risers

In-wall shelves are more ideal for saving countertop space, but if you’re constrained by renters’ requirements or don’t have the tools for a small construction project, shelf risers can offer another layer of space underneath their compact design. If you have enough vertical space, however, you can even stack multiple shelf risers on top of each other. Just remember to keep them stable and don’t put too much weight on each one or you risk damaging your kitchen countertops or cooking equipment.

Utilize Window Space

If your kitchen has window access with a built-in windowsill, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing this space for storage. If you’re worried about people looking in, pick up some stylish containers to hold your cooking utensils or dishwashing components (if your window is directly above the sink). Combine style and functionality by utilizing this available space.

Use Your Space Efficiently

When you don’t have a lot of counter space to work with, you need to know how to use your space efficiently. This involves making use of all the space you can, even in some unconventional areas, like those beyond your countertops.


When you’re not using your sink, it becomes a waste of space. Place a longer cutting board or other flat surface over the opening of your sink. This area instantly becomes an extension of your counter space that you can use for preparing food and other kitchen chores. Then, when you need access to your sink again, all you need to do is clear the cutting board, store it in a safe place, and use your sink again. The process is quick and easy, and it provides a bit of extra space when you need it.


You can also utilize your stovetop the same way you would the sink. Manufacturers offer specialty burner covers that make working on your stovetop safe and convenient. All you need to do is place the stove cover over your burners, and you instantly have a flat surface to work on. Stovetops take up even more room than the sink in some kitchens, so don’t waste this space, either.

Add a Kitchen Cart or Island

If your kitchen has plenty of movement space but not enough counter space, installing a kitchen island might be the perfect solution to add more surface area. There are many types of kitchen islands—some are permanent installations, while some can move on wheels or gliders around your space. If you’re interested in adding an island but don’t have the space, you could always opt for a small kitchen cart. These carts offer multiple layers of storage and, most importantly, extra temporary counter space.

Utilize Your Backsplash Wall

Do you have extra wall space below your shelves and above your countertops? Your backsplash offers a nice decorative touch, but don’t be afraid to cover some of it in the name of creating more countertop space. You can install pegboards, hanging bars, and more to hold a variety of kitchen utensils that might be crowding your countertops.

For example, eliminate your knife block from crowding a corner of your countertops by installing a magnetic knife strip on the wall. This will also keep your knives safely away from curious pets and children that might grab for the traditional knife block.

Extend Your Countertops

If you have the space, one of the most direct and effective ways to maximize your countertop space is to simply create more. Does your kitchen make use of countertop overhang? Having a few extra inches of space can make all the difference between a crowded kitchen and an organized one. When installing your countertops, make note of how much overhang you want and what will fit into your kitchen space. Later, you can replace and extend your countertops over your cabinets even further. Just make sure that you have aheavy-duty countertop bracket to support the added weight and prevent cracking.

Expand Into Your Wall Space

Consider opening a pantry that wasn’t available before by renovating one portion of your wall space. If your walls have enough space between each wall stud, you could utilize some of this area inside your walls for food, cookware storage, and more. This may require the most renovations of all the above tips, but if you’re really fighting for space, incorporating this hidden space may be just what your kitchen needs.

Hopefully these tips on how to maximize kitchen countertop space help you get more enjoyment out of your kitchen. Don’t let a cramped space drive you away from cooking at home. And if you’re in need of heavy-duty brackets for kitchen and home remodeling projects, don’t forget to check out our selection here at Right On Bracket.

How To Maximize Kitchen Countertop Space