4 Tips for Safely Storing Heavy Items in Your Home

4 Tips for Safely Storing Heavy Items in Your Home

Need to make some extra space at home? Whether you’re trying to make room in your basement, garage, living room, or other room, try utilizing the vertical space along your walls. You can hang larger items out of the way with the help of shelving and other options. Just make sure you follow these four tips for safely storing heavy items in your home.

Weigh Your Items

If you plan to hang or suspend large or heavy items to get them out of the way, you should always weigh them first. Weighing your objects helps you get a better idea of how much support they will need from the hanging method you choose. Whether you use wall anchors, shelves, wall hooks, and more, always weigh your items to get an idea of how much weight you will need to support.

Use Heavy Duty Shelving

While choosing how you want to store your heavy items throughout your home, consider using heavy- duty shelving. Once you know the weight of the items you wish to store, you can choose a heavy-duty shelving method like hidden shelves, shelving units, and more. Always make sure that you install hidden or floating shelves on wall studs and use heavy-duty shelf brackets that support your items’ weight limit.

Heavy Item Placement

When it comes to arranging and organizing your heavy items on storage shelves, brackets, and more, always take their placement into account. On storage shelves, make sure to place your heaviest items on the middle or lower levels—placing these items up too high can be a safety hazard. Also try to keep the weight evenly distributed on storage shelves or floating shelves.

Label Heavy Boxes

If you choose to pack away heavy items into boxes first, make sure to label your storage containers before shelving or hanging them. This lets your future self and other members of your household know that these boxes will take some heavy lifting. You’ll be prepared for the heavy lifting, which will prevent strain when lifting and placing these boxes in the future.

If you need some extra space at home and wish to store your items the safe way, remember these four tips for safely storing heavy items in your home. And if you’re planning a shelf hanging project for these items, make sure you support them with heavy duty hidden shelf brackets, which you can find here at Right On Bracket.