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Different Types of Shelving Systems

Different Types of Shelving Systems

The shelving in your home can truly transform the look of your space. Whether it’s a stand-alone system in your home office or a top-hung system decorating your kitchen, there is a solution for every room. If you’re looking to add more storage and shelving space to your home without creating a boring appearance, you’ll be glad to learn all about the different types of shelving systems below.

Built-In Shelving Systems

The first item on our list is a built-in system. This type of design is convenient for homeowners because they don’t have to worry about buying additional shelving units such as a bookshelf or other space-consuming furniture.

Another benefit to this kind of design is the fact that it is often an appealing feature for potential home buyers. If there are built-in shelving units in your home office, pantry, or closet, your home will likely appeal to more buyers than it would without these features. This is because a built-in design can remove the necessity of buying additional shelving space. It also helps individuals avoid the assembly process of buying and installing more storage and shelving space. Whether you’re planning to sell your home now or further down the line, these are the kind of features you want to preserve and maintain.

Fixed-Bracket Shelving System

This kind of shelving system is the simplest and easiest to install on our list. With these kinds of shelves, you really can’t go wrong. Their simplicity begins with a shelving bracket. You can place these throughout your home or in one specific area. Once you have a designated place in mind, you can install your shelving brackets. Then, you will simply choose between your different shelving options. Finally, you will set your shelving unit right on top of the bracket.

Fixed-bracket shelving systems are great for home offices or bedrooms because they only require you to install one single piece of shelving. This kind of unit is also beneficial because you can place it anywhere in your home and use it in any way you like.

Floating Shelves

The next item on our list of shelving systems is floating shelves. This option is the perfect addition to a modern home. Through their intricate design, you create the illusion of a floating shelf. This type of system is the perfect addition for any master bedroom, living room, or dining room. You can add them to virtually any space because they complement all areas of a house perfectly.

If you’re worried about the installation process, there’s no need to panic. Installing a floating shelving system is relatively easy. And if you’re using Right On Bracket’s very own hidden floating shelf brackets, you can consider the entire process a breeze.

If you want to install this type of shelf in your space but are not sure how to do so, we also carry floating shelf kits. These kits come in two wooden finish options. You can choose between a golden pecan color or a dark Kona finish. If you prefer to apply your own personal touch, we also carry an unfinished option. With these kits, the installation process is a breeze. Check out our product page for more insight on this easy-to-use kit.

Corner Shelving

If your home is short on space, corner shelving systems may be the solution you didn’t know you needed. Aside from their modern and elegant appearance, corner shelving is a unique way to accent a room.

If you’re planning to add this kind of shelving system to your child’s nursery, for instance, you can consider creating a fancy book display. If you’re planning to use this system in your home office, you can use it as a location to place various decorative accessories.

With corner systems, you can also avoid the awkward appearance that bookshelves can create when they’re placed in tight corners. With this unit, you’ll be able to get the most use of your space without having to compromise on the décor and look of your room.

Adjustable Slotted Shelving Systems

This shelving unit is useful to have in areas of your home where visitors aren’t likely to frequent. This includes spaces such as your garage and laundry room. This type of shelving is better to use in these lowkey areas because their design is more functional rather than fashionable. Made up of shelving brackets sitting along a set of wall rails, adjustable slotted shelving systems are convenient for areas that require ever-changing shelving units.

Their adjustability makes them the perfect option for areas that utilize shelving units for a variety of different purposes. For example, garage storage can benefit from having a space to store different tools and other home maintenance supplies, and a laundry room can benefit from a useful system for blankets and other storage items.

Top-Hung Shelves

The next shelving system available to your home is top-hung shelves. This is the perfect option for a modern kitchen appearance. This type of unit hangs from your ceiling to provide additional storage space. Whether you’re looking for extra space to store your wine glasses or extra storage options for pans and other cookware, this kind of system will be sure to transform your kitchen into an elegant and modern space.

Another benefit of using this shelving unit is the fact that it is available in various materials. For example, for a rustic appearance, you can choose a wooden shelf option. For a more upscale look, you can choose a metal shelf. The possibilities are endless with this modern system.

Free Standing and Portable Shelves

The last items on our list are free standing and portable shelves. Another way to think about this kind of shelving system is to think of bookshelves and any other standalone furniture you would use for storage or placement of décor. This option is great for anyone looking for a shelving solution that doesn’t involve tools or any kind of difficult assembly.

As you can see, there are many different types of shelving systems. With so many options, things can quickly get overwhelming. Luckily, at Right On Bracket, we are shelving experts. We sell a variety of different solutions for your shelving problems. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty bracket for your fireplace mantel or a hidden shelf bracket for your floating shelves, we have the perfect product for your needs. Feel free to give us a call for any questions regarding our different bracket systems.

Different Types of Shelving Systems
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