Floating Mantel Brackets

Floating Fireplace Mantel

2 Types Of Floating Mantel Brackets

Floating Fireplace Mantel
Floating Fireplace Mantel

Our traditional Floating Mantel Bracket requires the drywall to be removed. This allows the support bracket to be mounted to the side of the wooden 2 x 4. This is a heavy duty option that can support a thick wooden mantel that weighs a few hundred pounds.

We recently improved our Floating Shelf Brackets to support more weight. They’re made with 1/4″ steel instead of 3/16′. They also have better welds, a powder coated finish, and buffed edges. These changes are great for shelves, but now you’re able to use this for a lightweight – medium weight mantel! This is key because this bracket doesn’t require you to remove the drywall. It will mount behind that mantel and mount into the wall studs.

Mantel Drill Guides

1/2" Steel Floating Shelf Drill Guides
Drill Guides

To mount either our Floating Mantel Bracket or Floating Shelf Bracket to your new wooden mantel, make sure to use our signature drill guides. We have 2 options in thickness that will fit either bracket. These drill guides will allow you to drill perfectly straight holes so your bracket will slide right in.

Both these drill guides mount to the back of a shelf or mantel. Use small screws just big enough to hold the guide in place. We recommending using 1″ wood screws. You’ll need 1 drill guide per mounting bar.

Choosing Between Mantel Support Brackets

The important thing to remember here is our Floating Shelf Bracket is made for shelves. However, if you have a lightweight to medium weight mantel that you want to support without opening up the wall, you can do that. If your mantel weighs less than 150 pounds, you can use our floating shelf brackets. Anything more or you believe a lot of weight will be supported on the mantel, use the mantel brackets that attach to the stud.

If you speak to us, we’re going to recommend over-engineering everything. We created heavy duty shelf and mantel brackets because they can reliably hold nearly anything you throw at them. You’ll never have to worry about weight capacity with our heavy duty options. Order yours today!