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Hardware You Will Need for Shelf Bracket Installation

Hardware You Will Need for Shelf Bracket Installation

Planning to hang shelves? This is a project any homeowner can do with the right tools and materials. You can save some money by taking on this DIY task instead of hiring a designer. Reference this list of hardware you will need for shelf bracket installation to learn about everything you’ll need to complete it.

The Right Brackets

Before beginning your shelf bracket installation, make sure you’ve chosen the right brackets for your hanging project. When selecting them, consider the weight you want them to support by weighing your items in advance. You should go with L-brackets for your project if you only need your shelf to support lightweight objects. However, if you’re planning for them to hold heavier objects, you may need the support of heavy-duty hidden shelf brackets. Also, remember that your shelf’s weight factors into the overall weight your brackets need to support.

Equipment and Tools

You’ll need several tools to hang a shelf support bracket. When hanging heavy brackets, you’ll also need a stud finder to locate studs behind your drywall. This tool helps ensure that your shelves have extra support beyond simply drilling them through the drywall. To attach your supports, you’ll require a cordless power drill. Make sure you fully charge your equipment before the installation. Don’t forget a ruler or tape measure to accurately place your shelf where you want it. Finally, use a level to help ensure that your measurements are perfectly straight and your finished shelf has proper alignment.

Hanging Materials and Accessories

Not every set of brackets will come with the hardware necessary to hang them, especially when it comes to tools and accessories. You may need to compare the mounting holes in your bracket with the proper screw size for your power drill. Choose the right drywall or wood screws, depending on how you need to hang your supports. You’ll need wood screws if you plan to drill into your wall studs. Finally, select the perfect shelf that matches your support brackets and your room’s overall style.

DIY shelf installation is a job anyone can do at home with the right materials. Remember this list of items you’ll need for shelf bracket installation as you stock up on materials. And if you still need reliable brackets for your project, browse our wide selection of shelf brackets here at Right On Bracket.

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