Our Different Types of Wall and Countertop Brackets

Our Different Types of Wall and Countertop Brackets

According to HomeAdvisor, “spending on home improvement products in the U.S. hit $303 billion” in 2014,and this spending trend has showed no signs of slowing down. If you’re like most people, your home will likely be the biggest investment you make in your life—why not make it look as good as possible? When it comes to upgrading your shelving, countertops, or cabinets, there are many different types of wall and countertop brackets available to help you get the job done. They come in dozens of styles, load capacities, and levels of quality, and they each do a different job.

What sets us apart is that we deliver only the strongest, highest-quality American-made products to our customers. All our products share a few characteristics: they all come packaged with film and foam to prevent any damage from occurring during shipping. They’re all powder-coated in black to keep them clean and rust-free, allowing you to use them outdoors as well as indoors—plus, they’re all weatherproofed. Every part we sell is buffed to get rid of any burrs, and all leading edges are beveled to help prevent snags or cuts. The most important trait our parts share is that they’re all designed, made, and inspected in the United States of America, so you know you’re getting quality parts that won’t let you down.

If you don’t see the type of bracket you need here, call us or fill out our short form to get the custom bracket you want.

Shelving Brackets

Shelves can really make a room pop. Hung in the right place and at the right height, they can change the flow of any room. Plus, they have both aesthetic and functional qualities. We offer several sturdy metal shelf brackets that can be hidden or add to the look of your shelves.

Angle Shelf Brackets

These durable shelf brackets are perfect for supporting a normal-weight glass, wood, or metal shelf and whatever may be placed on it. They’re clear-coated to give a modern yet rustic look. If the finish doesn’t match the room in which they’re being installed, they can be painted in whatever color you like.


Lip Shelf Brackets

These durable lip shelf brackets offer dependable weight support for whatever shelf you use and whatever you choose to display on it. The curled lip at the end of the bracket prevents the shelf from slipping, and it also functions as a design element that gives the shelf a different look. Try using a distressed barn wood for your shelf—combined with the black finish of the bracket, it’ll provide a rustic look.


Hook Shelf Brackets

Visually appealing and simple to install, hook shelf brackets determines how wide your shelf can be based on the bracket’s design. The hook itself is 1” long to keep the shelf from sliding off the bracket, and each bracket is tested to hold up to 40 lbs. A shelf that uses two brackets for support can hold up to 80 lbs., provided the brackets are mounted into the studs. Note that drywall anchors cannot hold the same amount of weight.


Heavy-Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets

This workhorse comes in lengths of 8”, 10”, 12”, and 15” and with left or right mounts. When stud-mounted and used with other brackets, it’s strong enough to support almost anything. Becoming invisible when installed, it gives a classic, clean, floating look.

Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets

You can trust the strength and quality of all our products—but especially these particular brackets. Beefy and strong, our heavy-duty shelf brackets can hold almost anything you’d want to put on a shelf. Like all our products, they’re buffed to eliminate any burrs and to make sure there are only nice, smooth edges. This product’s strength and quality make it ideal for supporting heavy stone shelves, which can take your home improvement project to the next level.

Heavy-Duty Reinforced Shelf Brackets

If you need to put an elephant on a shelf, a few of these will be all you need! Just pick one up and feel how heavy-duty it really is. The extra brace is what boosts the load capacity. The mounting holes are countersunk to give a smooth, professional finish. Just like the rest of our products, this one is made in the U.S.A.

Floating Shelf Brackets

The flat bar design of our floating shelf brackets makes them easier to install than traditional round bar designs. The flat bar will still fit into a round hole and remain stable with no movement. The design allows a little bit of room for error when drilling into the shelf, which is always a plus.

Countertop Brackets

Our heavy-duty countertop support brackets are perfect for ensuring that your granite, quartz, marble, or wood countertops are supported and secured. They’re designed to hold a lot of weight, so you know there will be no slippage or cracking.

Top-Mount Countertop Support Brackets

If your kitchen needs some more counterspace, consider adding a breakfast bar. There are no better brackets than these ones for installing a breakfast bar or countertop overhang. Their sturdy construction makes them strong enough to support any material, even granite. When installed properly, they can support almost anything.

Back-Mount Countertop Support Brackets

All our back-mount brackets are 2½” wide and come in 10”, 12”, and 15” lengths. With four mounting holes on top and three on the bottom, these will securely support your countertop. The holes are also countersunk for a smooth finish. We also offer several different thickness options for additional strength, depending on what kind of countertop you’re installing.

Right-Angle Countertop Support Brackets

This bracket is similar to the top-mount option, but the bend offers better support and higher weight capacity. The right-angle bracket screws into the side of the half-wall, spreading out the load capacity. It can also be used as a shelf bracket, so it’s very versatile.


Fireplace Mantel Brackets

Our black powder-coated fireplace mantel brackets come with six holes that are three-quarters of an inch apart, so they have strong support. They’re designed to be mounted to the studs during construction, before the drywall is installed. Once the wall goes up, the bracket will be hidden with only the support exposed, so the perfect floating mantel will be all anyone sees.

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