Remodeling Kitchen Countertops

Marble Countertop Brackets

Choosing The Right Countertop Material

Below you’ll see a list of different countertop materials that are widely popular. Starting with granite countertops, this is the most popular due to price, strength, and color options.

Other very popular materials are Marble Countertops and Quartz Countertops. These are more expensive than Granite Countertops, but the patters are much larger and not as many tiny details. There are a handful of differences with these materials, but they’re all very strong and with upkeep will make a great addition to any home!

Types Of Kitchen Countertop Materials

Choosing The Right Countertop Brackets

If you’re installing a countertop without an overhang, you won’t need any of our countertop support brackets. The stone will be laid on top of your wood structure and that will be plenty of support. If there is an overhang, you’ll need support so the countertop doesn’t break. Stone like this doesn’t flex and any unsupported weight can cause cracks and breaks. Support brackets for overhangs is necessary from damage or hurting someone.

We have 6 different countertop support brackets you can choose from. They all have different installation methods and weight capacities. It’s important to look at your countertop setup and choose the correct bracket for the job. If you have questions or want a recommendation, send some photos and information over to us through our contact form!

Top Mount Countertop Brackets

Our Top Mount Countertop Bracket and Back Mount Countertop Bracket are very similar, but are different in weight capacity and installation. The Top Mount Bracket is just a flat countertop bracket that mounts to the top of your half wall. This can withstand a great amount of weight and is sufficient for most applications. The Back Mount Bracket does the same thing, but also has a right angle tail on the back side, which also had mounting holes. With this bracket, you have 7 total mounting holes, which provides an extremely strong weight capacity. Overall if you have a standard granite countertop, use the Flat Top Mount Brackets. If you have a thick and large countertop, we recommend using our Back Mount Countertop Brackets.

Flat Top Mount Countertop Brackets
Flat Top Mount Brackets

Right Angle Countertop Brackets

Most of our brackets need to be installed before the granite countertop. The only support bracket that can be done afterwards is our Right Angle Countertop Bracket. We recommend installing this support brace before the countertop, so it’s immediately supported. However, if you install a countertop and decide it needs more support, you can install this bracket afterwards as well. It mounts to the side of the half wall underneath the countertop. It’s exposed, but is a tight right angle with beveled edges so it won’t get in the way of someone’s legs. This is a very popular option and easy to install!

Center Mount Countertop Bracket

Just like it sounds, a Center Mount Countertop Bracket is a flat steel support bracket with mounting holes in the middle. This is used to create an overhang on both sides of a half wall. Popular in entertainment areas, restaurants, and bars. If you have a half wall that is only a few inches wide, this bracket will widen the supporting area for a countertop to lay on top of.

Island Support Bracket

Most of the time, a kitchen island design doesn’t have a strong half-wall within it. This is where our Island Support Bracket comes into play! One end of the bracket will secure to the edge of your kitchen island structure. This long bracket will then span across the entire structure, rest on the edge of your structure, then continue outward for overhand support. A bracket like this will give superior support for an overhang coming off a kitchen island.

Island Support Bracket
Island Support Brackets

Installing Countertop Brackets

With all of our countertop brackets, there are a few important installation methods to follow. If done. a strong support system will be created for your new countertop!

Countertop Hardware Recommendations

When installing any of our brackets, the mounting holes are 1/4″ thick. We recommend using a screw that is going to fit snugly into that hole. A #12 screw is slightly smaller than 1/4″, which will fit perfectly into our mounting holes. This is the best thickness to use.

In terms of type, you want a wood screw that is going to have wide threads that will grip the wood reliably. If you go with a decking or basic wood screw, you can’t go wrong. We recommend using screws 2″ or more for plenty of grip to the wood.

In terms of material, there are several options that are plenty strong. We recommend using a hardened steel screws. These may be branded as “construction screws” or “multi-purpose screws”. It’s important to use strong screws like this, because these will be the first thing to fail when a support bracket is used. The thick steel of one of our support brackets will not fail before screws or a wall stud. This is why we drill several mounting holes and recommend quality wood screws.

Installing Countertop

When installing a granite countertop, there’s prep-work to be done so the installation in perfect. Click the link above for full instructions and tips on how to install a granite countertop perfectly!

In terms of our brackets, you want to double check and make sure all support brackets are securely fastened and mounting screws are flush. This goes for the wood structure as well, you want the entire surface to be completely flat and level. This will ensure the countertop has a secure hold.

All of our contertop brackets there won’t be any mounting holes that go into the granite countertop. This seems obvious, but a screw will not penetrate or secure granite effectively. Instead, we recommend just laying down a layer of liquid nails on the wood surface and brackets. The weight of the large granite and this strong adhesive will securely hold the granite down.

Countertop Upkeep

Once your new kitchen countertop is installed, it needs basic care to stay in great condition for a lifetime. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately, as the color can dye the granite. Heavy heat shouldn’t be applied, as this can damage the granite and coating. Also, avoid cutting food on the countertop, as the coating and granite can show cuts.

Granite countertops also need to have stone cleaner and sealer applied to last. We recommend doing this at least once a year for the best protection. This will keep your countertops looking great!