Home Improvement Ideas During COVID-19

Home Renovation

Home Improvement Ideas

During the Coronavirus outbreak is a great time to take care of chores and home improvement plans! In our area we’re shut down from going anywhere or having people visit. Luckily, tools & supplies can be ordered directly to the house, including our brackets!

Garage Shelving

The garage can become a messy and unorganized place. It’s easy to toss items around and not place something in the right spot. To help this from happening, it’s good to have labeled organizers, boxes, cabinets, and of course heavy duty shelves!

Unorganized and Messy Garage
Unorganized & Messy Garage

For organizing the garage, we have several brackets that can do the job. We have Right Angle Brackets that are easy to install and hold a significant amount of weight. We also have Tiered Shelf Brackets that create a shelving system. These two types of brackets are easy to install, since you don’t need to remove the drywall. If you want to get really creative, then our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets mount behind drywall directly to the wall stud.

All these brackets are extremely strong and can hold a significant amount of weight. If you pair these brackets with a strong shelf, you can organize all your heavy tools and supplies on these brackets!

Organized Garage With Shelving
Organized Garage With Shelving

Floating Entertainment System

Floating Entertainment Center
Floating Entertainment Center

Several entertainment system that hold a TV & connection boxes are bulky and don’t fit well. We’ve had customers use a couple particular brackets to design their own modern entertainment system, thanks actually cheaper than a store-bought option!

Using our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets or our Reinforced Right Angle Brackets, a base can be created that can reliably hold all your electronics. These two brackets can hold a ton of weight and has a modern design. We recommend using a wooden mantel or thick shelf. What you don’t want happening is your base to start sagging over time. A piece of wood that’s 2+ inches thick will do the job just fine!

Bedroom Shelves

Bedrooms are often forgotten, since only a few people typically go into that part of the house. Efforts to decorate other areas of the home usually get more attention. That’s why while you have some time at home these next few weeks, you can organize some beautiful shelves!

We recommend our Floating Shelf Brackets or Angle Shelf Brackets for a bedroom. The Angle Shelf Brackets also come in a J Hook Bracket or Lip Shelf Design. All these brackets are simple to install and will allow you to put photos, decorations, clocks, or knickknacks on them!

Kitchen Shelves

Too many times we’ve noticed people buy beautiful glassware or plates, then hide them in cabinets! A modern way to display kitchen items is to use open shelving in the kitchen.

Using our Floating Shelf Brackets or Tiered Shelf Brackets, a modern shelving system can be created to organize all your kitchen essentials. This includes wine glasses, coffee mugs, plates, decorations, & anything else you may want to display! Simple installation and strong design, these brackets will reliably hold nearly anything you throw at them!

New Countertops | Countertop Brackets

Home Remodeling Countertops
Remodeling Countertops

During the Coronavirus, we recommend putting a plan together, then having people bring over a new countertop to your home. Just like we practice in our shop, social distancing and sanitation is extremely important. If you can safely get new countertops brought into your home safely, this is a great project to do with all the downtime!

We have a variety of different countertop brackets, and they all depend on your project. Our most popular brackets are our Top Mount Brackets, Right Angle Countertop Brackets, and our Kitchen Island Countertop Bracket. These are all different based on how they’re mounted to the half/pony wall. All our countertop brackets are handmade and have plenty of strength.

The purpose of countertop brackets it to support a heavy piece of granite or marble. This is especially important if you have a bartop where the countertop hangs over. This will give you enough room for barstools or tall chairs. When these brackets are properly installed, they won’t bother your legs and will reliably hold the countertop in place!

Home Renovations During Coronavirus

Just as we’re practicing in our shop, we hope all of you are being careful with this virus spreading rapidly. During all this downtime, there are several things that we should all be doing. Taxes, family time, exercise, and of course home remodeling projects! We hope you use us on your next project!