Right Angle Countertop Brackets – Step by Step Install

Right Angle Countertop Support Brackets

Right Angle Countertop Bracket Install

Yesterday we drove down to Corvallis Oregon to help with a countertop installation with Arete Woodworking. The countertop was made of wood and an epoxy and since it had about an 18″ overhang, it needed extra weight support.

Wooden and epoxy countertop
Wooden Countertop with Overhang
Wooden countertop without support brackets

As you can see above, the countertop didn’t have any support underneath the area protruding from the half wall. This is where people will be sitting, so we need a support that doesn’t have much exposure. The countertop was even bending when a slight amount of weight was placed on the end of the countertop.

We had several brackets we could use for this project. We could have used top mount brackets, back mount brackets, but we decided to go with right angle brackets. As you can see below, these brackets would be exposed and mounted directly to the outside of the half wall. This creates a rustic yet modern look.

Right Angle Countertop Bracket Installation

Before we started drilling holes, we measured twice and drilled once. The owner of the home requested these brackets to be perfectly balanced and measured accordingly. This sounds obvious, but since this is a more permanent fixture, you want to make sure this is done perfectly.

Measuring Right Angle Bracket Installation

Increasing Countertop Support

The countertop was already installed before the support brackets. To make sure they were snug and supported the countertop correctly, we slightly lifted the countertop up about 1/8″. This allowed us to place the bracket in a perfect spot where the countertop would rest.

We used strong deck screws to install these brackets. With 3 separate countersunk holes, they would be plenty strong enough to support a wooden countertop like this. If the countertop was heavier, we would use stainless lag screws for extra support.


Right Angle Bracket Installed with Deck Screws

We did the exact same install on the other side of the countertop with another right angle bracket. Two brackets will support a project like this no problem, but if the countertop was heavier, we’d recommend 3 brackets for extra support.

Right Angle Countertop Support Brackets

Reliable Countertop Installation 

Once both brackets were installed, we noticed a huge difference in countertop support. The countertop didn’t flex like it did before and the weight capacity is much higher. These right angle brackets will support this countertop for a lifetime!

Right Angle Countertop Support Brackets
Right Angle Countertop Support Brackets

This was a fantastic project and we highly recommend Arete Woodworking in Corvallis. If you need a countertop, table, bar-top, shelf, even a creative cutting board, we encourage you to check them out! All their product are custom for you home made locally with care.

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