Steel Shelf Bracket Installation

Creative Steel Shelf Bracket
We helped a local customer install our steel shelf brackets. He wanted to be more creative with our shelf brackets and the final look came out great! This part of the house was a separate corner with a window for lighting. This home is over 100 years old, so there were some quirks. For this part of the house, he wanted to put some plants and eventually some small decorations. In this project we used our steel shelf brackets that are 8″ x 8″ long and 1/2″ thick. Our customer wanted a bold and industrial look. We could have easily gone with a thinner bracket to support these shelves, but it didn’t match the look he was going for. During the installation process, we taped the locations of where the brackets needed to go. We also located the studs, because these brackets need to be mounted directly to a strong object. They’re so heavy that if installed into drywall, the would crack the wall. After the locations for the steel shelf brackets were established, we began the install. Creative Steel Bracket Install Location We used screws with a high weight capacity. Our brackets are made of solid steel and along with the shelf weight, needs to have a strong mount. The bracket is then aligned with the stud we marketed, then we drill the top screw. Once secure, take a step back and make sure it looks straight. We recommend going a step further and using a level or a laser to make sure the steel shelf bracket is perfectly straight. Once the steel shelf bracket is straight, then install the second screw so it’s secure. Once all the brackets are installed, place your shelves on top. The shelf can be place on top of the steel shelf bracket, or an adhesive to secure it. Creative Steel Shelf Bracket with Shelves Right On Bracket steel shelf brackets can be used for all types of projects. Most of our customers use them as they’re suppose to be used, however some people can get pretty creative what they use them for. Just remember to always secure the brackets directly to the stud and use an adhesive to secure the shelf. Creative Steel Shelf Bracket

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