Steel Shelving Bracket Installation

Right Angle Shelf Brackets

At Right On Bracket, customers have a few options when it comes to shelving brackets. Customers may choose between a traditional steel shelving bracket, heavy duty shelving bracket, or a hidden shelving bracket. Here are a few tips to help you with the installation process.

Before you purchase, understand the weight of what you’re supporting. Our steel shelving brackets are very strong for a typical shelf with items, but does have a max capacity. If you’re supporting over 50 pounds, we recommend using the heavy duty shelving bracket with a brace. This is significantly stronger and hold a few hundred pounds. In a weight test, the mounting hardware broke before our bracket. All our shelving brackets come in a variety of sizes and thickness, choose accordingly to your project.

Once you receive your steel shelving brackets, plan the install and use a laser to make sure your metal shelving brackets are even. This will save a lot of headache later if your shelf has uneven bracket. Take your time with the steel shelf bracket installation and pay attention to little details.

Mount your steel shelving brackets directly to studs in the wall. Use a stud finder to help you locate the studs. This is extremely important because drywall is not strong enough to hold up our steel shelving brackets. For safety and maximum durability, make sure the steel shelving brackets are mounted in the middle of the studs.

Now you’re ready to install your shelf. You may use an adhesive to ensure the hold, or just set the shelf on top of the bracket. Depending on the use of your shelf, mount the shelf accordingly to the steel shelving brackets. Checkout Wood Design Inc. for wooden shelves, they have a variety of great products:

Whether you choose our traditional steel shelving brackets, heavy duty shelving brackets, or hidden mount shelving brackets, pay attention the the details during the installation. Doing this will ensure the safety of your home and allow the shelves to last for a lifetime.

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