Top Mount or Back Mount Counter-Top Brackets?

Below I posted examples of how a top mount and back mount bracket is used. Both brackets achieve the same purpose, but have a different design and time of need. The top mount bracket is perfect for a standard counter-top. These brackets are mounted directly from the top down. Right On Bracket has 6 countersunk holes and you may use of course all 6 holes to install. However, you may use 4 holes, and our design allows you to position the bracket a little forwards or backwards. If you install the bracket a little further back inside the half wall, it will actually give the counter-top a sturdier hold. A back mount bracket doesn’t allow you to do this. However, it also has an advantage of having a stronger weight capacity. The back mount angle mounted horizontally into the half wall can support more weight than if mounted straight down like the top mount. Weigh is being distributed down and also from the side of the bracket. If you have the exact measurements you need and your slab of granite/marble is pretty thick, we recommend this bracket. Both products have advantages for the installation process. Many customers debate using these two brackets before ordering from us. However, in your half wall design make sure you decide on what bracket you’re going to use. Another piece of advice, make sure you’re using quality hardware as well. Your mounting screws need to be as high of quality as our products. Do your research, but soon we’re looking for a partner in this field to recommend to you. Whether you go with one of these two products or one of our other similar products, we can guarantee the quality. All top mount, back mount, right angle, and hidden mount brackets are made and inspected in the United States. We guarantee the quality of our products and we hope they make your project go smoothly.

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