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The 5 Best Wood Types to Decorate With

The 5 Best Wood Types to Decorate With

As the biggest group of home buyers right now, millennials’ wants and needs must be catered to by the home buying and restoration industries. Studies show that they aren’t partial to fixer-uppers, so there’s an emerging market for tradesman and realtors alike. They tend to like rustic-tech chic, which is a combination of reclaimed wood accent walls and cabinets that operate with the push of a button. Their frugalness and desire to reuse and recycle everything possible shapes their design choices.

Knowing they like to be surrounded by reclaimed woods can make design choices for renovations easier. Simple accents like rough-hewn wood shelves with black, back mounting brackets or lip shelf brackets can provide the rustic look they prefer. As an interior design material, wood can be traditional or modern, but it’s always beautiful. There are hardwoods and softwoods that come in an infinite number of colors, grain patterns, and textures. The versatility of wood can please any taste and design style. The best wood types to decorate with is subjective, though, and depends on what the wood will be used for.

Oak Wood

oak wood

Oak is perfect for furniture and flooring. It’s durable and comes in red or white with beautiful grain patterns. The patterns can make furniture look either modern or classic depending on what other materials are used.

Beech Wood

beech wood

The creamy yellow color of beech wood makes it versatile for many parts of a home. It’s dense and durable yet still easy to work with. It’s most often used to make carved furniture pieces because it’s malleable. It offers an elegant, clean look with straight line patterns.

Pine Wood

pine wood

Pine is widely available and cheaper than most other woods. It’s good for accent walls or entire rooms to make them feel cozy and warm. Pine also has a slight aroma that adds to the ambiance.

Cherry Wood

cherry wood

Cherry is often used as a luxurious wood for cabinets. The reddish-brown color gets deeper and more beautiful over time. Cherry is more expensive than other woods, but the end result is worth it.

Larch Wood

larch wood

Larch has a distinct grain pattern, texture, and is moisture resistant. It’s great for wall structures, shelves, and exposed ceiling beams. The coloring of larch wood is similar to maple, but it has a slight reddish hue that looks great with lighter stains.