Tips for Achieving a Farmhouse-Style Living Room

Tips for Achieving a Farmhouse-Style Living Room

The start of the new year is the perfect time to redesign and try out a fresh look in your home. If you’ve recently fallen in love with the farmhouse style and want to try incorporating it into your home, we have the perfect place to start. Here are some essential tips for achieving a farmhouse-style living room that you need to know.

Create a Simple and Cozy Design

Simplicity, warmth, and coziness are pillars of farmhouse design. Start by keeping your color palette to neutral, clean colors. Soft beige and off-white walls are perfect for providing this clean aesthetic while keeping the room light and bright. Also, keep your furniture, rugs, and other pieces neutral to pair well and not overwhelm the room. You can also try incorporating natural colors and textures from materials like brick and wood.

Incorporate Wood Accents

Wood accents are a staple of farmhouse design. Exposed wood helps channel the rustic, outdoorsy look that many farmhouses embody. If your living room has a fireplace, an excellent place to add wood would be your fireplace mantel. Almost any fireplace can support a wooden mantel with the right fireplace mantel brackets, as wood mantels come in various sizes and weights. If your living room doesn’t feature a fireplace, try hanging wooden signs and other decorative pieces instead.

Distressed Surfaces

Distressed furniture and surfaces are also a staple of farmhouse design. Distressing furniture involves painting your piece a certain color and then lightly sanding away areas of the paint to reveal the wood grain underneath. White paint is common for distressing, but you’ll find this furniture style in any color. You can pick up pieces that already have distressing or try it yourself. Distressing furniture is easy to learn.

Mix Old and New Elements

The farmhouse style has perfected the balance between what’s old and what’s new. If you’re having trouble channeling the farmhouse vibe in your modern home, try incorporating some vintage furniture or decorative pieces in a room. Pick up a vintage mirror, light fixture, or piece of art from your local thrift store to really bring the farmhouse look together.

With these tips for achieving a farmhouse-style living room, any homeowner can weave this aesthetic into their current room. Remember the pillars of farmhouse design, such as neutral palettes and distressed furniture, and you’ll have the ultimate farmhouse living room in no time.