Tips To Make More Leg Room Under Your Kitchen Peninsula

Tips To Make More Leg Room Under Your Kitchen Peninsula

Your kitchen island, bar, or peninsula offers the perfect place to add extra seating. However, some spaces might be a tight fit once you add chairs or stools underneath. Whether you plan to create your dream kitchen or want to expand on your current design, here are some design tips to make sure you have plenty of leg room under your kitchen peninsula.

Extend Your Countertop

One way to extend your countertop is to alter the thickness of the countertop itself. When designing your kitchen, be sure to choose a countertop thickness that accommodates the added length of your counter. If you don’t choose the right thickness and still try to extend your countertop over the cabinet level, you put it at structural risk. Your cabinets or walls beneath the countertop won’t be able to support the overhang, which could cause it to crack or break completely. Choose a countertop thickness of approximately 1½ to 2 inches to support your desired overhang.

Add Countertop Support

If you wish to extend your countertop even further than the width will allow, you’ll need to use support brackets. Using brackets is one of the best ways to ensure leg room while also providing your materials with enough support. If you’d really like to be able to stretch your legs underneath your kitchen peninsula, countertop mounting brackets are the way to go. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your extended peninsula is fully supported and won’t risk cracks or pressure. Just be sure to choose the correct style and size bracket based on your countertop weight, thickness, and more.

Choose a Different Peninsula Style

Your kitchen peninsula doesn’t have to be contained to one flat surface. You can create a tiered peninsula to distribute the weight of your countertop. If you wish to extend your peninsula further for more leg room, you could even add a false wall along either side while leaving the back open for seating space. Think outside the box if you’re working with limited space or materials for your kitchen remodel.

Hopefully these tips to make more leg room under your kitchen peninsula have helped you find the perfect strategy to increase seating space in your kitchen. If you’re looking to find countertop support, shop here at Right On Bracket for all the support brackets you need.