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Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets

Cabinet Support Brackets

Our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets have been used for a variety of different projects. One of the more popular uses are to support heavy cabinets.

Heavy Duty Cabinet Brackets
Heavy Duty Cabinets Support By Steel Brackets

Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets are mounted directly to studs behind drywall. This creates e a reliable and solid support when something rests on top of it.

Standard cabinets can be installed normally and have a decent weight capacity when drilled directly into wall studs. However, isn’t nearly as high without a heavy duty floating shelf bracket installed with it. The bracket below the cabinet will support the weight of the cabinet, which was previously supported by the mounting hardware. For industrial or heavy duty projects, we recommend using this product. It will prevent bending, cabinet warping, and failure.

In this case, we could call this product a hidden cabinet bracket. Cabinets are mounted directly to the stud through the drywall. After the cabinet is installed, a lot of weight can be placed inside. To avoid a cabinet from failing, we recommend using one of our hidden cabinet (shelf) brackets below the cabinet. We sell a variety of different sizes to match a cabinet perfectly. Ranging from 8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket
Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket

We recommend installing these brackets before the cabinet. This will allow you to set the cabinet on top of the bracket for extra support. Since the bracket needs to be installed behind drywall, this can be a messy process if done in reverse.

Right On Bracket Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets have been called cabinet brackets. The will add extra support for the cabinets. We’ve provided hundreds of brackets to cabinet contractors and designers for a variety of projects. This includes shelves, mantels, fireplace hearths, entertainment systems, benches, etc.

If you need extra support new cabinets or anything else mounted to a wall, we encourage you to checkout Right On Bracket Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets!

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