Steel Shelving Brackets

We started selling countertop brackets, but slowly moved into shelving brackets as we noticed a demand for well made supporting products. Steel Shelf Brackets Our shelving brackets can be hidden behind drywall or exposed below a shelving plank. Either way, it will deliver a high weight capacity ensuring the safety for the items you wish to support. Our brackets are made in the United States by hand. Like our countertop brackets, our shelving brackets are inspected and powder coated before sent to you. These shelving brackets aren’t limited to a shelf either. We’ve had customers use them for cabinets and their countertops as well! Our right angle shelving bracket without the brace is essentially a small right angle countertop bracket. These products will serve several purposes and by no means limited! We sell a product called a hidden mount shelving bracket. This bracket will be mounted behind your drywall against the studs. A lip will come out, through the drywall, and create a floating countertop or shelf. We recently had a customer use these products for cabinets as well. These hidden mount shelving brackets can be made to be mounted on the left or right side of the stud. We’ve done a few custom products for customers in regards to these shelving products. We drilled holes on both sides of the bracket before, We’ve re-arranged the mounting holes. We’ve had one side of the bracket longer than the other, all kinds of projects. Just let us know what you need and fill out a custom form! Our shelving brackets are strong, good looking, and built to last. They will support nearly anything and we guarantee the quality. If you have any questions, just send us a message and we’re more than happy to help you with your shelving project!

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