Heavy Duty Countertop Support Brackets – Mount To A Half/Pony Wall

Remodel Kitchen Countertops

Remodeling your home and kitchen is a huge project that takes time and money. When everything is coming together and you’re installing a new granite or marble countertop, its important to make sure its secure. The worst thing that could happen is a countertop fails due to weak support. We recommend avoiding wooden support brackets and going with steel instead. Right On Bracket sells a variety of different heavy duty countertop brackets perfect for your next project!

Countertop Support Brackets

Top mount countertop brackets are installed on top of a half wall. They’ll also known as flat countertop supports. Once you make inserts in the top of the half wall, our brackets have six countersunk holes in the top of the bracket. This creates a flat service for a countertop to rest on. Our top mount countertop brackets come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. That way you’ll have the perfect size for your remodel.

Top Mount Countertop Brackets
Top Mount Countertop Brackets

Back mount countertop brackets are similar to the top mount, but the mount to the back of the half wall. This will create a higher weight capacity since the weight is driven on the back and top of the half wall. They also install into a cutout in the top of the half wall. This creates a flat service for the countertop to rest. The back lip is 3 inches long with 3 countersunk holes. We have several length and thickness variations as well.

Back Mount Counter Support Bracket
Back Mount Bracket

Right angle countertop brackets are simple to install, as they’re mounted under the countertop and are exposed. Since the brackets are thin and have beveled edges, they won’t hurt anyone using the countertop and be hardly visible.

When installing right angle brackets, we recommend putting a piece of plywood on top of the pony wall, then mounting the brackets to it. Then remove the plywood and install the countertop. This will have supports pre-installed to make sure the countertop ins’t damaged while installed.

Right Angle Countertop Support Brackets
Right Angle Brackets

When you’re remodeling your kitchen and install a new granite or marble countertop, be sure to use Right On Bracket countertop brackets! All brackets are built with heavy duty specs to support a high weight capacity. We have a variety of difference bracket models that will be exactly what you need. Whether you need a top mount bracket, back mount bracket, or right angle bracket, you’ll get a quality American made product from us!

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